SinarMas Land - Welton

Well-Living at Hiera

(On Development)

Welton is the inaugural project within Hiera, the latest township unveiled by Sinar Mitbana Mas. Hiera signifies the culmination of Sinar Mas’ extensive BSD City mega-township. Over the course of several years, Hiera will evolve into a thriving township of the future, and Welton will lead the way.



Introducing the first cluster within a brand-new township presents its unique set of challenges. We grappled with questions on how to engage  with potential residents, what name would resonate with today’s discerning market amidst the rise in landed housing developments, and how to carve a distinctive identity for Welton amidst a competitive landscape. These challenges extended to creating a compelling visual identity and messaging strategy.




Our innovative solution was to coin the term “Welton”, derived from the vision of “well-being town”. The name evokes a sense of health and happiness, imbued with a touch of timeless quality. To resonate more effectively with its target audience, we crafted a distinct communication strategy and visual identity that elevated Welton’s positioning. The gold tones and leaf motifs in the identity strike a balance of luxury living without compromising on well-being. It's a design that embodies thoughtfulness for the people of tomorrow.