Insightful Way
For Outstanding Results

Every brand is unique. Within each brand is a style, a voice, a concept - waiting to be unlocked. By understanding key elements and defining a clear strategy, we develop the creative foundations that bring your brand to life.


The analysis. Interconnecting business insights, market understanding and cultural shifts into a cohesive direction to unlock the brand potentials within.


The direction. Formulating a plan of action to drive the vision of the brand, capturing its purpose and navigating the brand towards achieving a sharp outcome.


The action. Realising the insightful strategies through irresistible creativity to drive long-term business success and amplify a sustainable impact for people and planet.


All-Encompassing Solutions

A strong brand is the beginning of a strong business.
With comprehensive solutions ranging from strategy,
identity, application, to experience, WKB provides
a tailored approach to any of your brand's needs,
establishing a framework that sets your brand
apart and beyond.


Brand Strategy

Within the brand strategy are key elements that work together to weave a strong identity tailor-made for your brand. By combining research with innovative thinking, we develop a strong foundation that aligns with your business goals and growth.

Brand Identity

Beyond a visual representation of the brand, a strong brand identity encompasses the message and emotion of the business. Through captivating designs, we develop influential visuals that stand out from competitors and resonate with your target audience.

Brand Application

Presenting your brand requires diligent execution, ensuring that all aspects of the brand are cohesive in its application. To build impacts that last, we develop collateral that communicate a consistent message through values and visuals across various platforms.

Brand Experience

More than brand identity, a brand could engage and connect with the audience through innovative and novel ideas. To make the brand come alive and reach beyond their brand identity, we help develop unique elements to drive the brand further with brand experience.

Visual Motion Design
Sound Design
Website Design
Exhibition Design
UN SDG Integration
Photography & Videography
Social Media Guidelines