SinarMas Land - Hiera

The Heartland of BSD CIty

(On Development)

Phase 3 of BSD City is a blank canvas of opportunity. Its inaugural and exclusive township is a visionary collaboration between Indonesia, Japan, and Singapore through Sinar Mitbana Mas. The township embodies an unprecedented concept of intelligent living, the first of its kind in Indonesia. Crafted meticulously by international experts, this city of the future aims to elevate quality of life through smart, adaptable, and high-quality design, seamlessly marrying functionality with aesthetics.



The task at hand was intricate – to condense the rich messages of the township into a compelling visual identity and communication strategy. With a wealth of concepts and ideas, the potential is endless, allowing us to craft an engaging brand that would attract the specified market and weave together these elements into a cohesive and resonant brand narrative.



Our end-to-end solution began with collaborative brainstorming sessions involving the client to find the ideal name for this township. The chosen name, "Hiera," has deep-rooted Japanese and Sanskrit significance, meaning both peace and diamond. It perfectly encapsulates the core brand messages of the life and quality in this township. The brand communication then masterfully establishes Hiera as the beating heart of BSD City, as it aims to create a heartful life for its residents. To complete the branding, we wove a story within the marketing brochure, ensuring that every touchpoint resonates a heartfelt sense of home.