Revealing goodness in soy milk

In the realm of soy milk, Mona Vale create delicious, naturally healthy, plant-based foods, for the maximum wellbeing of everyone as well as the planet. Based in Australia, Monavale is a dairy-free company that envision better options to consume healthy beverages. An identity and packaging were then designed to reveal the personality of the company, which is 'return to goodness'.


The goal of the look was simple: to capture the quality, culture and spirit that makes Monavale—and its community—good (natural, handmade & not mass produced). 


The all fresh-natural-healthy value is reflected in the use of iconic symbol of farm with cornucopia, a symbol of plenty consisting of a goat's horn overflowing with flowers, fruit, and corn. Predominantly, the theme is organic as seen in the type, illustrations, and colour whether in the distinctive logo, or in the packaging and related materials.

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