OCTO is much MORE

With the rise of digital banking in Indonesia (a Hootsuite 2019 data shows that 61% of 150 million internet users in Indonesia uses mobile banking each month), PT Bank CIMB Niaga initiated the upgrade of Go Mobile, the current mobile banking app, into OCTO Mobile, a mobile banking super-app that provides users with everything a mobile banking can offer, and much more.



The main challenge was to communicate the evolution of their mobile banking app to their current and potential customers. We have to ensure that the message is not of replacement, but of improvement and innovation of the mobile banking app. We also have to emphasize the distinctive values that OCTO Mobile offers, considering the similarity of features among other mobile banking apps.



To introduce OCTO Mobile, we used a clear and direct communication campaign, #GotoOCTO, to convey the shifting of Go Mobile to OCTO Mobile. We collaborated with Raboon Studio to create a 15-second animation video that utilizes CIMB Niaga icon, an octopus named OCTO. This icon creates a differentiation as no other competitor has an iconic mascot. It also creates a unique selling proposition in customers’ mind, as it is needed to gain ‘top of mind’ awareness in the marketplace.



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