Kosenda Hotel

Jakarta's urban utopia

Juxtaposition, the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect, is our magic word in translating a totally new standard of aesthetic and comfort that has been nailed by Kosenda Hotel.

Back then, Kosenda team had contacted us, a branding agency to handle this challenging project since its previous identity didn’t reflect the founder’s objectives and the brand vision. And to understand the objectives, you need to pledge yourself to the melting pot consist of Betawi culture knowledge, Svenn Skipper chairs inside story, 60’s vintage flair, tribute to nature, a pinch of humor and sense of perfection.


Being an avid traveller himself, Mr. Ruben Kosenda has unlimited ideas and boundless imagination. It needed deep hearing session accompanied by abundant cups of good coffee and fried cassava, to formulate right design platform and brand strategy that can suit his character and aspiration -to create an urban utopia in the heart of Jakarta.


Edgy yet cozy. Sensible yet rebel. Local taste bud yet International standards. Contradiction is our keyword in developing Kosenda’s identity. We created the logo and completed it with ’Notable series hotel’ tagline, as a platform to avoid one style strictness that will limit the founder’s creativity. Through various brand channels, starting from logo, signage, digital experience, catalog, welcome booklet to in-room experience, we want people to truly feel and enjoy Kosenda, trapped in its maximum comfort.

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