When comfort meets style

Arbor&Troy has established itself as one of the most favorable brand in home furnishing. Well known for its fine line, Arbor&Troy is committed in making comfort the priority while mixing eye-opening pieces to give each setting a rare, modern twist. As the brand guardian, we have visualized Arbor&Troy’s basic philosophy - when comfort meets style for the past few years since the first time it opens its door.

Founded in 2006, Arbor&Troy was coming into the world of home furnishing when the market was dominated mostly by Italian furniture. The Arbor&Troy’s founders came up with an advanced idea to define a new standard of furniture. Offering high quality upholstered and slipcovered, case goods, lighting, rugs, and accessories, Arbor&Troy’s mission is to deliver comfort in a stylish way.


With the owner sharp mission, Waykambas' hard task as a brand consultant was visualizing its philosophy. However, Waykambas was striving for more than meeting the brand's goals, we were initiating to setting “the mood” and infuse the right amount of strategic approach to let the customer really feel The Arbor&Troy’s Experience.


Through the brand strategy, concept to design, we built the brand to really come alive! We create a lasting impression and brand harmonization that would stick with customers. We highlight Arbor&Troy's detailed craftsmanship, unparalleled comfort and expert style to deliver a total brand experience -start with the logo, in-store experience, digital experience, marketing collateral, advertising to internal engagement. Waykambas has been working as Arbor&Troy's brand guardian ever since. We maintain and refresh the brand to keep it relevant to today's new competition, trends and customer shopping behavior.

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