Your pregnancy partner

Notable as Indonesian leader in the pregnancy test, Sensitif persistently keeps itself leading by creating new brand transformations. For around 6 months, our team in Waykambas worked thoroughly to sharpen its long-term view, strengthen its position and expand into new markets.


As a well-established brand, each detail of the brand must be considerably planned and visualized. By story, the brand must be upgraded uniquely, and by visual, the brand must undergo gentle evolution; meaning; low radical changes to ensure it is adaptable towards the future while still retaining the original touch of the brand.


Before embedding the creative platform, we started with the strategy. The holistic strategy included the definition of its brand platform, brand architecture, and brand communication. Given the vastness of its pregnancy related products, we concluded to accelerate Sensitif into "Indonesia's 1st Integrated Pregnancy Solution". This newly combined vision gave a sense of steeper purpose. By visual, Sensitif appears more appealing, progressively reliable and ready to make pregnancy journey easier, more enjoyable, and hence, more precious.


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