The Rinra

Welcoming you with local pride

The waterfront hotel The Rinra, as a new icon of modern Makassar, is a hotel unlike any other. The Rinra is created with heart, vision, local richness and uncompromising hospitality to provide guests with meaningful, unexpected and authentic experiences. We created unique and bold personalities hotel, a place where world travelers, business people and lifestyle aficionados can gather together. The Rinra have escalated new level of luxury in distinct Makassar’s style. 


By location, the hotel is located in the most flourishing area in Makassar. It means red ocean competition that is filled with many renowned international hotel chains. We are challenged to create distinct identity for The Rinra, the newest hotel brand from the leader hotelier of East Indonesia.


The identity are all inspired from the Makassar cultural richness. The logogram is derived from Phinisi ship, which is a pride symbol of the people in South Sulawesi. The pattern itself is the result of our high enthusiasm of South Sulawesi woven. This evocative combination across all touchpoints are made to embrace authentic experiences served in Makassar Hospitality.

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