Redefining urban sanctuary

Waykambas was assigned to create an entire brand identity design and brand strategy for the 2nd masterpiece property of Astra Land. From sight to scent, we designed and directed the property with the concept of elevating senses that will redefine the urban sanctuary of Jakarta. Located at T.B. Simatupang, Arumaya treasures the balance of self-indulgence while savoring moments with loved ones and reconnecting with nature.


Following the success of Anandamaya, this project must uphold the high-quality standard that will maintain the good image of Astra Land. To such a degree, our team was challenged to create everything from its brand name, brand story, brand identity, unique selling proposition and also infusion ideas up to its marketing launch. 


The project began after we had chosen the right brand name which is “Arumaya”. Taken from the Sanskrit word “Aurum” meaning gold, the name Arumaya also comprised of a "-maya centric” concept meaning the power of creation, as what as Anandamaya have. Also pronounces like “Harum” meaning scent in Bahasa; we combined these concepts to bring out the power of scent and sensibility that will elevate the sensory experiences throughout the property. Following this strategy, we delivered a comprehensive brand identity with a specially designed illustration of purple royal foliage. To give a maximum brand experience, we also supported the idea of diffusing a signature scent of White Freesia & Pear throughout its property and up to its marketing collaterals.


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