Phinisi Hospitality

Endless discovery of delighting lifestyle

Inspired by Phinisi Ship, the local masterpiece of Makassar – Phinisi is the first and leading hospitality brand from East Indonesia that need a decent branding as their portfolio is getting bigger across the nation. Our work for this ambitious hospitality is to strengthening their brand presence on every touch point and seamlessly guiding them into a world renowned hospitality brand.


Waykambas was appointed in late 2015 to help Phinisi Hospitality Group to create their first hospitality brand - with the note - that they have already had all their brands in Hotel, Conventions, Restaurants and Entertainment services established before. We were assigned to develop the whole construction branding out of all these service lines - from its strategic direction, brand story, brand identity to brand architecture that had never been clearly made before.


Our strategic direction began by developing a unique Brand DNA of combining the brand’s vision as excellent world-class hospitality with touch of local proudness. The logogram formed a Phinisi ship that is sailing forward in orange color, a reflection to show how Phinisi Hospitality is proud and optimist to carry through the journey of wonders. With its exquisite hotel collection, beautifully crafted visual identity, ever-changing innovation, Phinisi hospitality are all about creating irresistible experiences in each its destination.

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