Bayfront City

Live by the sea

Bayfront City marks the culmination of Batam's first ever integrated seaside living and lifestyle center. Strategically located on the SIJORI growth triangle & integrated with Mega Mall and Batam Centre ferry terminal, Bayfront City is also the gateway to the international destination.



The new development also included the apartment, named as Bayfront Apartment while the whole development would be Bayfront City. Having to integrate this with the long-established mall means to tackle the old image that the site has. How to elevate the brand image? How to tie a unified story? Not to mention, our team must also create a brand differentiation to the tight competition around.


Having the supporting strengths in mind, we refer the brand positioning as the global seaside living playground. The next step was the creation of brand identity. Illustrated in colorful silhouette lines, the designed logo echoes the vibrant rhythm of life, and the ultimate inspiration was drawn from the landscape that represents the magical sunrays in orange color, the bright sky in light blue and the sea of charm in dark blue.

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