The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia

Indonesian Diplomacy for World's Peace

This year, Waykambas team was honored (and truly challenged) to design the press release of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia or commonly known as PPTM 2018. Consisting of the Minister's diplomatic reflection, strategic and focus points on Indonesia's foreign policy, this year's press release has been considered to be markedly successful — one that had left the respected audiences stunned till the end.


Before creating the consistent graphic slide system, firstly, we needed to come up with a strong concept that can reflect the identity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia. To a further extent, our main job was to translate and cover the ASEAN issues to the transnational crime that were all crucial, sensitive and also emotional. Thusly, understanding the ins-and-outs of every issue was compulsory so as not to misinterpret any perspective given.



To boost the identity of Indonesia and showcasing the function of the Ministry itself, we brought "Kar Jagad" - meaning the maps of the world as the main concept. As a batik motif, the pattern of Kar Jagad represents the world's diversity being united as one. This concept is parallel to The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia logo's philosophy, which is "Caraka Bhuwana" - it symbolizes globe (bhuwana), welfare, and peace. Throughout the presentation, a continuous line drawing was also used as a graphic element. The unbroken line described the continuity and relentless work/progress of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia to become the political liaison of Indonesia with other countries. Correspondingly, it also reflected the unceasing trips of the Foreign Minister to various countries of the world. Intended to be a powerfully moving presentation, it was said that the internal team of The Minister had got countless praises and appreciations from their respected audiences, meaning - we had succeeded in visualizing these political and humanitarian issues to a new level! Yes, it was an utterly amazing news to hear and also to experience!


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