12 September 2016

Where's wally?

“Authenticity has always been part of the mix that we consumers have wanted, but not like now”. Quoted from the first book I read in 2015 which is attentive to be discussed.

This was an outstanding and interesting gift from Wally Olins before he left for brand initiators worldwide, up to date yet realistic, smart witted yet entertaining. Wally has a very brilliant and unique thought, which arouses our curiosity that force us to follow and guess where it goes next.

Today, I only moot the first chapter – 'The New Authenticity', as this has been quite a debatable conversation over here lately. The recent five to ten years, there were significant changes in the world of branding, which is the rise and extension of Authentic brand (doesn’t mean its original) that are personal, segmented, commodity but having high impact and catch attention.

Jakarta and the big city in Indonesia seems like following the existing trend, Authentic Brand is trying to prove that they does not just exist but spotted and even dominate the market. Start off from the lifestyle industry such as; fashion, F&B, entertainment and straighten out to a larger sector that is not expected before, in particular hospitality and property.

It's easy to demonstrate this prediction, well, firstly, we can see a bunch of youngsters in the hang out spot wearing local brand jackets, shoes, jeans even watches mingle around with the other guy with similar style holding a bottle of homemade juice with dignity. Then, how students, workers yet professionals are willing to trapped in the traffic so they could slurp in coffee from a known café, tasting new kind of food and relaxing while listening music from classic retro phonograph in Pasar Santa, Jakarta – they sweat and breath stifled air however time still flies so fast for them.

These kind of things, of course, had a positive influence in the industry, especially the creative industry in our homeland that still left behind.


Like Wally also ask the same thing; Will this viruses expanding? Will it survive? Let's say it will survive, then how long? What’s the reaction of the big company? What effect will it cause to our economy? Do you agree with Wally?

Rather than waiting and guessing, it’s better for us to build a plan, formulate a strategy for anyone who is passionate to build and guard their brand, either its Authentic Brand or Giant Massive Brand.

William Berlian

Business Development