Redefining urban sanctuary

As the 2nd anticipated masterpiece of Astra Land hospitality group, Arumaya is a refined urban sanctuary with the utmost harmony & welcoming addresses. Located at T.B. Simatupang, Arumaya is all about elevating senses and re-discovering luxury experiences, styles, and tastes in the middle of the packed city.


Following the success of the previous development - Anandamaya, this project also demanded high-quality standards which can carry on the good image of Astra Land. Our team was challenged to create a string line and also new unique selling proposition for this precious residence.



We began by developing a unique Brand Name that has a -maya centric concept and thenceforward, the brand concept flowed on. ‘Aurum’ in Sanskrit means gold, that also reminds of the Indonesian word “harum” while ‘Maya’ refers to the power of creation. We then developed the brand's DNA ‘attentiveness’, which is all about curated sensory experiences. While much of the offer is tranquillity & contemporary, we also proposed the idea of diffusing welcoming scent throughout its property.

We went on to develop a variety of graphic identity to suit every occasion. We delivered a comprehensive brand guideline that communicates the visual system. The comprehensive project, which is still ongoing, includes creating a library of the special illustrative graphic element, brochure, PDF presentation, the designing of over 29 pages catalogue, and other marketing collaterals.


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