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Sandy hook promise “Evan”

At first glance, Sandy Hook Promise’s PSA “Evan” by BBDO tells the saccharine sweet story of a budding high school romance between two students in the lead up to summer. It focuses on Evan who in an effort to “while away the time” before the summer holidays, scrawls a message on a desk in the library.

Branding Magazine

Mission and purpose are not created equal

Humanized brands are being revered nowadays. Customers are looking to associate themselves with brands as they do with their friends: as an emulation of their tastes, goals, and purpose. This brand affinity is more powerful than the brand loyalty that we’ve come to know and love, for it goes beyond a customer’s simple recognition that your brand offers the best value and stems into them knowing that your brand offers the best relationship.

Branding Magazine

Connecting with the new breed of consumers

We all know that consumers today aren’t simply passive people ready and willing to consume products and services as and when brands decide. They are more creative, ambitious, and informed than ever.

The Inc Life

Promote personal brand on social media

We know that now, we live it, we accept it. Yet, there's a good way to promote a brand and a bad way. The bad way is easy. Post on an irregular basis. Never answer chat requests. Ignore entire segments of the population (aka, Snapchat). You might even say, most people trying to figure out how to do social media for a company or for their own purposes know enough to be dangerous...but not that effective.

Business of Design Week

BODW 2016: Chicago Made

Business of Design Week (BODW) is a flagship event organised by Hong Kong Design Centre since 2002. Each year, BODW brings to Hong Kong some of the world’s most outstanding design masters and influential business figures to inspire the regional audience on creative thinking and design management. In addition, it also provides a valuable platform for participants to network, exchange ideas and explore business cooperation. We will attend this event!